What to expect?
We do what no one else can, allowing you to explore Lisboa from land and river during a laughter-filled adventure that redefines the city tour experience. Learn about the rich history and culture of Portugal’s capital in a fun and easily digestible way, while enjoying the thrill of plunging into the Tagus River “in a bus”… you’ll love it! Prepare to be entertained by our lively animators, who will share myths, legends and curiosities during an entertaining ~90 minute show full of positive energy and passenger interaction. It’s all about fun and laughter. Don’t expect a “traditional” sightseeing tour with a “traditional” guide, but rather a memorable experience that will leave you shouting out loud… “Hippo, Hippo, Hurra!!”
HIPPOtrip Lisboa por Terra e Água
HIPPOtrip Lisboa por Terra e Água
HIPPOtrip Lisboa por Terra e Água
HIPPOtrip Localização
Point of departure and arrival

The place of departure and arrival of the tour is Doca de Santo Amaro in Alcântara, specifically in the HIPPOtrip Building which is almost under the 25 de Abril Bridge, on the left side of the marina where the restaurants are located. We are right next to the river.

HIPPOtrip Horários
Tour length and language

The total duration of the tour will be +/- 90 min, of which about 25 min will be spent in the waters of the Tagus River.

The tours are in Portuguese and English.

For group events, the vehicles can be reserved exclusively, allowing the personalization of the route, duration, and languages used by the guides. 

HIPPOtrip Horários
Operating Restrictions
HIPPOtrip reserves the right to change the planned route on any tour due to traffic, weather conditions and/or restrictions caused by tides. If for any climatic or force majeure reason it is not possible to take the nautical part of the route, passengers will have the right to request a refund equivalent to 50% of the ticket price.
the only tour that takes you through land and river
our tour
By land...
...and by the river

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